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How To Clean Your Razai At Home? 5 Easy Steps For You!

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Razais or quilts are quite an expensive buy. When they are handmade, hand woven or hand printed, they are even more expensive. In such a case, it is a must that you take proper care of these quilts and razais. If you do not know how to take care of your beddings, especially the quilts, here are a few tips and guidance that will help you.

First Things First:

The first thing that you need to keep in mind while washing or cleaning your quilts at home is to understand the fabric that they are made up of. In some cases, the fabrics are to be cleaned only through a dry cleaning method. If that is so, make sure you follow the proper cleaning instructions. In other cases, you need to clean it thoroughly at home. Most of the time, the cotton-based quilts are washed at home. For that, you need to follow these steps.


  • Step 1:

Choose the right detergent for washing quilts. Mostly the detergents that are used to clean usual cotton clothes can be used to clean the razais. But, there are also special detergents and liquids that are made only for cleaning these. Those can also be chosen.

  • Step 2:

If the quilt is being cleaned in a washing machine, the washing tub has to be filled with warm water. Notice, you have to use warm water, not hot! Or if you are washing by hands, fill your tub with the same.

  • Step 3:

Add the liquid or the detergent to this water. The cleaner has to be added before adding the razai to the water. It must be mixed well so that there are no lumps or solids that can discolor or damage the razai.

  • Step 4:

Wash the razai in the machine in the gentle mode or by hands.

  • Step 5:

To make the quilt dry, you need to lay it down on the floor. Squeezing it might ruin the weave of fillings inside. Even the razai will get wrinkles.To make it easier to dry your razai, it is a good idea to put it on a cot, spread evenly and then leave it in the sun to dry. This will make sure that the quilt dries out fast and evenly, without causing any damage to the razai.

Drying is a serious task and a very tricky one. The cotton razais always have the tendency to cuddle up, and thus, the fluff gets ruined. Hence, if you are drying it in the machine, you will have to use the low drying setting. Moreover, you will also have to keep checking the fluff, by occasionally turning and fluffing up the quilt by hands. The same method must also be followed in case you are air-drying your razai.


Since cleaning and maintenance of a quilt is a seriously difficult task, it is important that you choose a material that is easier to manage and clean. Cotton quilts are the best in that respect.

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